4 words how to choose swimwear to avoid exposing height

- Aug 05, 2016-

Big bust girls for select fold piece swimming costumes, although big tits girls can always kill a person on the beach, but their "burden" you may not know. So in choosing a swimsuit they will be more "selective" because both support and comfort but also a good line. A swimsuit with RIM fixed the chest, in addition be sure to select the adjustable shoulder strap, this will let you adjust to the most comfortable position. Is in need of attention, wide shoulder strap brings a strong sense of support, but don't select the neck, it will hurt your neck and shoulders. Other than the bust, to the upper body slightly overweight girls, select folds or light to everyone's gaze away from the chest.
Girl has lost children should choose Print bathing suit, if you belong to the family of flat-chested, so don't try to go to breast implants, big name super model is the airport, which is more on the tall. But this does not mean that you can literally wear a swim suit jumped into the pool, people would think a man wearing women's clothes. Small chest MM printing complex swimsuit should be chosen, stripe, Plaid, floral can confuse everybody's sight. Fold, ruffled and bow decoration is very important, which is more than you're wearing a swimsuit with chest pad is more effective, it will make your chest look bigger. One-shoulder or neck and turn all eyes to your neck and shoulders, weaknesses will show people the most advantageous parts.
Comparison women with thick waist, you can select a colour matching swimsuits, "Apple shape" women, as big blocks of color colour matching swimsuits are preferred, in bathing suit a dark Ribbon stitching to Apple immediately into an hourglass figure, and combined with a belt designed bathing suits can also achieve the same effect. You need to learn is to choose can exceed color mosaic, makes you look curved.
Little girls, choose separations swimsuits to elongated proportions, is short. While jumping into the water is the same, but shore MM long legs how you so much? Proportion of same colour matching to break plain, wide-thin stripes and geometric patterns colors mixed colors to achieve the best results. If you think your legs are not long enough, then choose a high waist line, middle cut swimsuit or printing, this proportion can elongate the leg. If you are very thin, then choose a low-neck swimwear can make you look slim.