At the hot springs of taboo

- Aug 05, 2016-

At the hot springs of taboo
1. when hungry, not immediately dip hot springs, spa on an empty stomach would easily have dizziness, tired and queasy situation.
2. If the car sat for a long time and have come a long way, very tired, may not go to dip hot springs, or will the bubble the more tired.
3. lack of sleep or stay up all night, if all of a sudden dip hot springs, shock or brain ischemia may occur.
4. very excited or angry mood, heart beating fast when, is also not suitable for immersion Spa.
5. wine just enough to eat or drink, may not go to dip hot springs, or you'll have indigestion and brain haemorrhage.
6. malnutrition or illness, is in poor health, never to go to dip hot springs.
7. people who have heart disease, high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries, to dip before the hot springs, to slowly wipe body with hot spring bathing suit, bathing in hot springs, can not suddenly going to a spa, it will not affect the contraction of blood vessels.
8. people who have cancer, leukemia, not suitable for immersion Spa, because easy to stimulate the metabolism, making the body weaken soon.
9. If people who have got acute colds, acute illnesses and diseases, it is best not to dip hot springs.
10. the girls before and after the period, or when, early pregnancy and Terminal, temporarily unable to dip the best hot springs.