Can a yoga suit be used as a bathing suit?

- Jan 30, 2019-

Can a yoga suit be used as a bathing suit?

No way!

Yoga clothes from materials or water absorption can not be as a swimsuit, swimsuit materials generally inclined to hate water, that is, no water (like the umbrella that can not retain water), and smooth surface. This can reduce the resistance of people in the water forward. The yoga suit needs to be fully cotton breathable and comfortable to wear. Although two kinds of clothes can reflect your graceful curve, but the function is different, cannot mix.

Yoga clothes are clothes for yoga. Generally speaking, yoga clothes are divided into long sleeves, medium long sleeves, short sleeves, vest, and suspenders, while pants are straight tube, horn, harem pants more. You can style them separately, but they all have to cover your belly button.

Swimsuit refers to women's swimming clothes, there are also men's swimsuits. Swimsuit USES the textile that meets water not to hang loosely more commonly, not bulge to make. Generally, the swimsuit fabric is polyester or polyamide fabric, which will not stick to the skin when touching water. It is opaque, not very breathable and does not absorb sweat.