Can hot spring swimsuits be used for swimming?

- Nov 08, 2019-

Can hot spring swimsuits be used for swimming?

Swimsuits don't really distinguish between hot springs and swimming! Because 95% of the people who buy swimsuits in winter are for hot springs, the seller of swimsuits will write the swimsuits for hot springs in winter. In fact, the same swimsuits are worn in summer as usual. In summer, 95% of the people buy swimsuits for swimming, and no one buys swimsuits for hot springs, so they won't write the swimsuits for hot springs at this time

Of course, as long as it's swimsuits, you can swim in hot springs. If you have to make a difference, you can make the following points:

First: some swimwear factories are professional competition swimwear factories, swimwear factories and other competition swimwear fabrics are not the same as ordinary civilian swimwear, which is slightly tight and thin, and the bra can be removed. Some swimwear factories without bra are not recommended to wear the swimwear in the hot spring! Swimming suit factory

Second: the swimsuits for bathing in hot springs are mainly based on the beautiful and fashionable swimsuits of the swimsuits factory. Most of them choose skirts, bikini and gauze swimsuits, while for swimming, they generally choose the one-piece triangle, one-piece flat angle and other simple styles. This is the difference in style!

Third: hot spring bathing will cause certain damage to the swimsuit fabric because of its high temperature, which will indirectly shorten the service life of swimsuits. This is unavoidable. You will definitely want to buy cheap swimsuits here. In fact, it's not true, because the hot spring is exposed to high temperature. If you choose cheap and poor swimsuits, you don't need to talk about whether the style is suitable, and the poor fabric will be produced under high temperature Raw toxic substances, swimsuits are close to the body, not good for the body at a certain level, it is recommended to choose brand swimsuits if possible, with guarantee!

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