Can swimsuits be used as underwear?

- Nov 09, 2019-

Can swimsuits be used as underwear?

Summer has come to have a beautiful swimsuit is an essential choice, many people can not distinguish between swimsuit and underwear, let's see this article!

Can swimsuits be used as underwear? Underwear should be close fitting, appropriate tightness, sweat absorption, and cotton swimsuits are too tight and not sweat absorption, so they are not recommended. Besides, too tight underwear is also good for blood circulation.

As long as you like, what can't you do? It's just that dryness and perspiration are totally different. Swimsuits are used in water, so you don't need to calculate your perspiration and wetness at all. The most important thing about swimsuits is the two key points of aesthetic feeling and light proof.

What are the differences between swimwear and underwear? They are mainly in function, fabric and appearance.

1 different functions

Swimsuits should be suitable for underwater sports, which requires that swimsuits should be waterproof, elastic, and have little resistance to water during underwater sports. In order to achieve this, swimsuits will be designed to be very tight. Underwear should be comfortable and not too tight, so it's skin friendly, breathable, hygroscopic, and always adhere to dry skin.

2 different fabrics

The material selection angle of swimsuit and underwear is the opposite mainly reflected in the hydrophilicity of the fabric. Swimwear is usually made of DuPont Lycra, nylon, polyester and other waterproof and elastic fabrics, while underwear is made of pure cotton fabric with good water absorption.

3 different appearance

Swimsuits are designed with visual effect, thick material, fashionable appearance, various styles and patterns. And underwear wear inside, the material is lighter and thin, mainly in solid color, style is not as much as swimsuit.

Swimsuits are generally only worn in summer when swimming, and underwear is worn all year round. Swimsuits cannot replace underwear. The original swimsuits factory did not have the permeability and moisture absorption of underwear. Similarly, underwear can not replace swimsuits, because underwear does not have the water-proof property of swimsuits, and pure cotton underwear will become translucent after water absorption, which is easy to cause embarrassment.

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