Choose swimwear according to body shape

- Nov 10, 2019-

Choose swimwear according to body shape

Swimwear swimwear wholesale products hanging on the hanger and wearing on the body feel the effect is absolutely different, so when choosing swimwear, you must first master some skills. B6 professional shopping guide Miss gave a lot of suggestions, such as trying several more for comparison; the illusion that wearing a small swimsuit wholesale code can highlight the line, in fact, too tight binding will cause adverse effects; if the chest is not full enough, you can consider adding a bra, etc. In addition, different physical characteristics have different selection criteria:

Small chest: it's better to choose swimwear wholesale with pad decoration or fold design on the chest, bright colors and large patterns. The illusion of swimwear wholesale on the vision produces a three-dimensional sense, so as to achieve the effect of developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses.

Waist swimwear wholesale has fat: do not wear waist swimwear wholesale swimwear split tight swimwear, try to choose one-piece swimwear or swimwear wholesale two-piece swimwear with loose waist design.

Sagging buttocks or fat: flat pants have a better effect of lifting buttocks, short skirt swimwear wholesale style hem can cover up the shortcomings of sagging buttocks swimwear wholesale department. Color can tend to choose the color swimwear wholesale lighter swimwear, thus reducing the weight of the lower body visually.

Short legs: to prevent the choice of lower body flat legged swimwear design, while the high fork design has a good effect of highlighting the long legs, you should pay more attention to the choice. Strong color swimwear will also increase the visual weight of the upper body, so swimwear wholesale is also recommended to be careful to prevent.

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