Consumer demand for swimwear

- Dec 04, 2018-

Consumer demand for swimwear

1. The other name of swimsuit is "public underwear". If the underwear does not fit well, there will be a coat to wear outside. But close-fitting swimsuit shows whole figure before the person, expose shortcoming easily, if the upper body does not fit, can show thick waist fat buttock without reservation now in front of the person, in order to avoid this kind of awkwardness, we need a swimsuit that can develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses more, decorate shortcoming and the swimsuit that improves line of our figure, ability presents perfect self-confidence!

2. Different age groups have different demands on swimwear

A girl 14-22 years old -- young, beautiful, and full of personality

B light cougar 22-35 years old -- show body, reflect the quality of life

C cougar 32-45 years old

Swimwear Product features

1. Girls series: highlight product features with vivid colors, dots, stripes and navy prints. The style is conservative but does not lose little sexy, with bikini and one-piece skirt, thickened model cup and miniskirt.

2. Fashion series: style -- fashion, personality, sexy design style;

Edition model -- humanized clipping design highlights a woman's graceful figure and charming line sense.

3. Taste series: strengthen functional appeal; With three-dimensional slim tailoring, modification and shaping the perfect curve, upper body.

The effect shows thin slender body, foil temperamental more elegant. (adjustable style).