Do you need to wear Swimwear Rash Guard for underwater projects such as snorkeling?

- Sep 21, 2018-

According to the usual experience, it is highly recommended to bring a Swimwear Rash Guard .

1. The coral reef is very hard. When the snorkeling is sometimes large or the swimming is not careful, it will collide with the coral reef. I met it once and it hurts a lot, but I just put on my snorkeling suit and didn't scratch it. It’s a bit miserable to have a domestic compatriot, and a hole in the leg;

2, it is recommended to buy a sunscreen with a high SPF, and it should be applied frequently. The snorkeling time will definitely fade, and it will be painted once again. But as far as swimwear is concerned, it is good to pay more attention to the face and neck. I didn't wear a friend, although I said it was painted before the water was taken, but after a long snorkeling time, I forgot to go up and smear again. At night, I had a hot pain in the shoulders and legs, and I started to molt.

PS: It is also best to bring diving gloves. It is not easy to get hurt by underwater coral reefs; remember to wear diving socks, bare feet wearing ankles for a long time to feel the feet, wearing diving socks and wearing ankles.

As for the place to change, it is ok to find the kind of public toilet, or return to the hotel for change.

But if you don't go to the dive often, you can buy a thin sunscreen shirt outside, or it will be hard to get a night sunburn. I was only wearing a swimsuit for a while on the first day of my trip, and I had a bit of pain at night. It was much better to wear water-proof clothes and not get sunburned. It is very convenient to wear sunscreen clothes, it can be worn in the water, it can be worn on the shore, and it is dry faster. If the jellyfish clothing is not used often, it will be used once and it will be wasted.