How do girls choose bikinis?

- Sep 18, 2018-

Triangle bikini - even princess taiping wears it as a glamorous triangular bikini, consisting of two "triangles" attached to the neck and back by a string. Do not think this only "big chest" can wear, small chest MM can wear, and "taste" immediately different.

Now many days single bikini is designed for small breasts MM, styles and colors are very good, also need not worry about fear because of the filled cup exposed, generally in the store will have to sell the bikini alone selling "bra", if the MM really thinks his chest be small enough self-confidence, also can add a pair of bra pad in the cup,? Isn't that sweet? Tubular bikini - kill you with your charming collarbone. Since your chest can't be used as show-off capital, we'll change the routine.

A woman's sexy collarbone is the most attractive part of a man besides her secondary sexual characteristics. The tubular bikini managed to distract attention, covering the chest with straight lines, and highlighting other parts of the body in large areas, with neck, collarbone and shoulder not inferior to the "hot" index of the chest. If you add a flat, smooth underbelly, that would be more perfect, on these, the small defects in the chest have not covered the matter!

Bright candy color -- the feeling of innocence is pink, tender green, orange yellow, dazzle blue... These dazzling colors are full of the innocence of the color, and the use of this in the bikini to give her a lively and lovely atmosphere, no one mind whether this girl is plump, just her lovely side can be fascinated! Additional, bright-coloured bikini besides the choice is pure color, can choose chunk design, flower, pentagonal star, heart is ok, such can enlarge local on the vision, let bosom have bloated feeling, give a person with plump "false appearance"! Small chest is not a sin, it also has a beautiful blooming side, please "taiping princess" heads up, straight chest, enjoy the sun, beach and their own bikini!

C String Women's Bikini