How to choose baby SWIMSUIT?

- Nov 08, 2019-

How to choose baby SWIMSUIT?

Size fit for mobility

Considering the flexibility of swimming suit factory after launching, children's swimwear should be suitable for size. The swimsuit of the first size is not only not close to the body and not good-looking, but also more likely to be particularly loose due to the buoyancy of the water, affecting the baby's swimming action. Conversely, the swimsuit material itself has a certain degree of elasticity, even if the child grows taller and fatter, it can also be comfortable and close to the body.

Colorful swimsuit factory, improve safety factor

The color of children's swimsuits should be bright. This is not only to satisfy the children's preferences, but also to improve the safety factor. In the event of an accident, the brightly colored swimsuit can always catch people's eyes faster and be saved. Therefore, orange, yellow and other warning colors are preferred, while gray, water blue and other inconspicuous colors are preferred.

Fabric comfort depends on spandex content

Like ordinary children's clothes, you must choose the material to purchase children's swimsuits to prevent damage to your baby's skin. At present, the material of swimwear in the market is mainly made of spandex. The international content standard of spandex swimwear factory is about 18%. For better swimwear, the spandex content should reach 18%. Parents can pay special attention to the instruction of swimwear tag when purchasing.

You can't ignore the ingredients of swimsuits

At present, the material of swimwear in the market is mainly spandex. The content of spandex is about 18% according to the international standard. For a good swimsuit, the content of spandex should reach 18%.

A good swimsuit should be very tight in tension. Of course, the elasticity is not the greater the better, but the resilience is better. It is better to stretch many times and still return to the original.

But the spandex content of the inferior swimwear is little or even no, its elasticity is poor. If the movement range is a little larger, the swimwear is easy to deform, crack and so on.

In some clothing markets and supermarkets, many swimsuits are not marked with fabric ingredients. Mothers try not to buy such swimsuits for their babies. They'd better go to the regular swimsuit factory sports goods store to buy them.

Beware of eye disease when swimming

Swimming pool belongs to public places, with a lot of bacteria. If children don't pay attention to sanitation when swimming, their eyes will be easily infected by conjunctiva and corneal bacteria after contacting with unclean water, which will cause eye diseases. The staff of natatorium often put bleaching powder into the swimming pool for disinfection. Many patients are prone to allergic phenomenon to sodium hypochlorite, which leads to allergic conjunctivitis, dry eyes, tears and other symptoms. When swimming, try to choose a normal disinfected swimming place; do not wear contact lenses, buy protective glasses; when the eyes appear red and tears and other symptoms, go to the hospital as soon as possible.