How to choose the size of swimming suit?

- Aug 22, 2019-

How to choose the size of swimming suit?

When we choose swimsuit, we should choose the size that compares common dress to be slightly small, especially professional swimsuit, because swimsuit itself has bounce, so choose swimsuit to choose M, L measure most normally. Choose XL for a little bit bigger. S size for extremely slim thin people wear, XXL for obese people choose. When buying swimsuits, please refer to the height and other parameters marked before the size on the label.

How to choose a swimsuit:

To love beautiful woman, choose the swimsuit that suits oneself bodily form, individual character, it is very important. The following Suggestions are for reference only.

(1) The one-piece: the one-piece is the safest, most classic swimsuit look, and a great choice for shy women.

(2) The flat-foot swimsuit: for women who don't want to be seen, the one-foot swimsuit is more conservative, but it has the disadvantage of making legs look short, so choose carefully.They are also suitable for people with smaller thighs.

(3) Tall waist type swimsuit: the lady of small abdomen small dash forward, appropriate chooses tall waist type swimsuit, had better match twill, can achieve to carry waist effect thereby, also can take this to divert attention, achieve the effect that decorate.

(4) Skirt swing swimsuit: for ladies with flat hips, skirt swing swimsuit is very appropriate, which can not only beautify the lines of the hips visually, but also show the beauty of the legs.

(5) Two-piece swimsuit: it is the choice of fashionable ladies, ladies with a good figure can choose.

(6) A one-piece with a large v-neck: if you have a large chest and a large waist and hips, you can choose a one-piece with a large v-neck, but the design should not be too fancy, or it will affect the effect.

(7) Bikini swimsuit: everybody thinks bikini is the patent of good figure woman all the time, although you do not have better figure actually, want to choose proper bikini only, also can clever conceal the defect of figure respect, let you show attractive glamour.(pay special attention to style and color)