Is the swimsuit tight or loose?

- May 07, 2020-

Is the swimsuit tight or loose?

Many people don't know how to wear the swimsuits comfortably. The one-piece swimsuits should be tight as much as possible, otherwise they will not fit in the water and go out easily. Moreover, if they are too loose, the supporting effect of the chest will be bad, and they will feel uncomfortable

! The lace up swimsuit is good-looking. It is convenient to adjust itself to make up for some size problems of swimsuit. If you tie more knots on the belt, it won't loosen. I'm really afraid that it can be fixed and fixed when you wear it!

If you are in a hot spring, try to choose a hot spring swimsuit so that the swimsuit fabric will not fade after being soaked in high temperature!

In a word, it's not recommended to buy too big or too small swimsuits. Buy them according to your actual body size and weight!