One-piece swimsuit this summer as the centrepiece

- Aug 05, 2016-

Bikini slowly be abandoned by current weather-vane, one-piece swimsuit and complete return of the last century. This year's trends, one-piece swimsuit has become an absolute staple, those deep v sexy, knocking out waist design, with details borrowed from dresses, one-piece swimsuit completely set aside their conservative image, to show new face, swimwear, beach and pool clothing, social functions are increasingly being put on the agenda.
One-piece swimsuit is the latest name "pool dress," and can be seen from the name, sexy, hot, hottest, adjectives have been OUT, now bathing suit, most important is graceful and polite. That's also the case, during the coming summer season, be it beach vacation, cruise vacation or just relax in the hotel's swimming pool are indispensable when dealing with friends or strangers, there will always be a bikini underwear feeling, how much some people let go. But "pool dress" are not the same, decency and sense of design is equally important, a good piece of swimwear can make you feel safe and confident, not near afraid afraid feet.
Swimwear this season, extremely fresh. Abandoned his colorful, each piece of swimwear has only one primary color, like dress, to simple black and white are still popular, and ocean-related elements are also very popular, people feel elegant and cool. One-piece swimsuits are also designed more emphasis on natural, elegant beauty, the overall cut, multi-pierced floral embroidered across the chest and hip clip is no longer kept up, both dignified and elegant. In fact, rather than bikinis, one-piece swimsuits may be more easily accepted by Chinese people. Because the fabric is more, there are countless possibilities in design, which parts feel less than perfect, leave cover and room for improvement. On the other hand, one-piece swimsuit sunscreen at least effect much better compared with the Bikini--after all, we live in a beautiful country on the white.