Put on swimwear history

- Aug 05, 2016-

Into fashion swimsuit, match different occasions, swimsuit, swim party swimwear, Sun bathing, visit the seaside town of swimwear, have their own rules. No longer just in order to set off graceful posture and become match. Casually revealing bathing suit corner, reverie, is the Supreme State of sexy.
60 swimsuit look very conservative one-piece swimsuit, simple design, color is dull, solid colors, and more relatively dark. Design, namely chest and back is easy Fort, unfurls a huge air back-to say that a breakthrough on this.
70 's bathing suit styles, more use of cotton, cloth, or even elastic waterproof synthetic fibres were all abandoned, replaced by high elasticity, high porosity, low water absorption nylon material making more personal, lightweight and easy to wear and bathing suits.
80 the biggest breakthrough is the thin shoulder straps one-piece swimsuit, swimwear is no longer using a single solid color, the designer began a change in color. Red, purple, blue, black swimsuits made of v-shaped gradients give the feeling more love, the biggest change is the one-shoulder design, which increases the index of sexy;
90 swimsuit style trend again, "prudent" and they covered more area of the body, and used some of the stitching methods and way of regulating body.
21st century women figure of line beauty is attention, people made body of aesthetics angle more see demanding, round of body line was considered not health, and dull, only slim as steel of body and strong of muscle only get identity, and swimwear of change also to body for Act, therefore today of bikini became swimming clothing of mainstay, a type of swimming clothing already was held Yu fashion door outside, Bikini swimwear quickly replaced has Siamese swimwear.