The classification of swimwear

- Mar 14, 2017-

The classification of swimwear


1, female swimsuit: roughly can be divided into triangular, quadrilateral, split two-split, split three-piece, one-piece skirt models and other five categories, in response to the trend will add four-piece, or design changes Of the special models.


2, male swim trunks: generally can be divided into "briefs", "flat pants", "four pants", "pants", "cycling pants", "beach pants" and other six models. "One Piece" and "Diving" are occasionally used in the design.


3, children swimsuit: and women's swimsuit roughly the same, can be divided into "even section", "one-piece pants", "split two-style", "split three-piece", "dress" The


4, children's swim trunks: similar to the classification of male swim trunks can be divided into "briefs", "flat pants", "four pants", "pants", "cycling pants", " Big class.