The difference between bikini and regular underwear

- Sep 25, 2018-

From use material to say: bikini fabric 80% is polyamide, 20% is spandex, spandex more elasticity is better, drainage coefficient is bigger!Feed 90% polyester and 10% spandex;Bra fabric 85% is polyamide, 15% is spandex, fabric not as good as bikini.Because the content of polyurethane is less, the elasticity is less.The lining of the bra is 70-80% polyester and 30-20% cotton.It's better than the lining of a swimsuit.Because bras are worn for long periods of time, the higher the cotton content, the less static the better for the chest.

Functionally saying: Bra can only be worn inside, but bikini can be worn inside and bra can be worn outside.Underwear as its name, wear inside, for "body protection", focus on personal perception;Bikini is a swimsuit, which also belongs to the category of coat. Wearing it out of fashion makes people feel more aesthetic, not only for personal preference, but also for others' appreciation.