The market trend of swimwear industry in China in recent years

- Dec 11, 2018-

The market trend of swimwear industry in China in recent years

With the change of people's lifestyle and the improvement of people's living standard, vacation and leisure tourism has been frequently put on people's travel schedule. Undoubtedly, this also creates infinite possibilities for the development of  swimwear.  Many people regard swimwear industry as a sunrise industry. In recent years, the sales volume of swimwear market is increasing year by year, which is closely related to the change of public consumption habits."The consumption habit used to be to buy one item every three years, but now it is common to buy three items every year. Generally speaking, the swimsuit industry now has more and more categories and more and more complete equipment, so the sales volume increases every year.

Urbanization in China is also driving swimwear, with swimming pools in many neighborhoods. Now swimwear is not only the sports industry, but also the leisure and tourism industry. The market prospect is relatively broad and bright.

This year's sharp rise in raw material prices is a major challenge faced by most foreign trade enterprises. Although the USD dollar exchange rate rises, it is still unable to offset the rise in labor costs and raw materials. Swimwear industry exists "three mentions" : raw material raises price, printing and dyeing raises price, worker's salary also rises, this brought tremendous pressure to the enterprise. As the country attaches great importance to environmental protection, printing and dyeing are bound to be affected. And these big fluctuations will make the profits of the factory greatly reduced; the number of orders will be reduced.