The ’three noes‘swimsuits swim trunks can cause skin allergy

- Aug 05, 2016-

The "three noes" swimsuits swim trunks can cause skin allergy
Summer swim as the preferred summer of many citizens, swimwear has become a "good catch". Wholesale sales of swimming suits, quality, great price disparities, and some special low price suit turned out to be "three noes" products. Professional reminders: the "three noes" swimsuits are excessive chemical phenomena, prone to induce skin irritation.
Due to the small bathing suit material, the process is relatively simple, mostly small workshops producing swimsuits at present, few well-known brands of swimwear in the market. Market Shang sold of "three no" swimming clothing, General exists chemical components exceeded problem, which formaldehyde, and lead, and mercury, and benzene, chemical components are on human harmful, these exceeded of chemical components most has may caused skin allergy, and swimming clothing in the contains of chemical components in water of soaking and Sun irradiation Xia will accelerated release on human harmful of material, swimming clothing color more bright, smell more big, its chemical components more more. Some swimming clothing manufacturers to let products looks no longer is "three no" products, also wants to has some tricks, as in swimming clothing label Shang marked of "fabric" a bar indicate nylon 80%, and ammonia LUN 20%, can other products information is is fuzzy; also some label content all with English standard wrote, is has "MADE IN CHINA" of words, China making of products no Chinese description, also not provides any manufacturers, and site of information, apparently not qualified products. In this regard, reminded the public of professionals: hot summer weather, the body's skin is more sensitive, swimsuits and other supplies and more personal, if ventilation is bad or faulty, can affect health. Consumers are best advised to a regular Mall to buy mark range, quality, safe and reliable bathing suit, and pay attention to product standards, choose b class with direct contact to skin product. For those cheap swimsuits, consumers keep their eyes open, buy carefully.