What should professional sports swimsuit to wear

- Aug 05, 2016-

Professional use of competitive swimwear generally suit a single style vest integral one-piece dress, simple, crisp, no unnecessary decoration. In color, in solid colors and large colour matching is more at the market common are dark blue, black and white, and so on. Which is designed mainly in terms of features and fabric, fabric with high elastic Lycra spandex and polyester compound woven into than ordinary swimsuits more tight-fitting, elastic, coupled with the simplicity of style, can reduce drag while swimming, improving the speed of the game. Internationally famous sportswear brand, has a swimsuit launch for professional sports, these swimsuits with high quality and high price.
Professional swimming costumes are dressed and unusual approach is no different. Is in need of attention, professional swimwear in wet condition, very well put on, so it is best to wear, body and bathing suits are in a dry state. Before launching first swimsuits get wet with water, bathing suits into the water, so you can prevent swimming pool chemicals or minerals in the water is absorbed by the bathing suit and damaged swimsuits. I want to wear a bathing suit and then apply sunscreen. Swim, and you should rinse your body off swimwear. If you are not in a hurry should be immediately cleaned using water bathing suits, go home immediately after the above mode. Do not place wet bathing suits on the plastic bag, tote bag, suitcase too long. After each swim, shower wash body swimsuit wash with SOAP and dried in the Sun. Borrow or rent a swimsuit is unsanitary, but also easily lead to sexually transmitted diseases and the spread of infectious diseases. Not baked in the swimsuit is not worn when swimming.