​Swimming Cap

- Aug 05, 2016-

Swimming Cap
1, prevent hair loss, dirty water, maintain the water sanitation, in addition we swimming hands will not be tied to the hair
2, wear swimming CAP after little resistance
Cap 3, most colorful, convenient shore lifeguards found (outdoor swimming can play a good role, my friend had a swim at Beidaihe, a person has left the crowd, members kept calling him names, because – they don't see the Red Hat. )
4, plastic cap, prevents hair and too much contact in a pool, pool with bleach liquor, will hurt the hair, often swims with plastic cap hair turns yellow.
5. swim wear swimming CAP is a kind of basic equipment, but also a basic courtesy, especially women with long hair, the hair will not float to float in the water, his hair is not easy to pull off
6. thermal insulation in winter, the Customs Department will be very good insulation effect