Benefits Of Winter Swimming

- Nov 17, 2016-

1st, Winter swimming after cold first, then heat, it enhance the ability to meet the cold, so as to reduce the occurrence of colds.

2nd, Through the cold winter swimming therapy, it promote blood circulation, make blood vessels more elastic, prevent hardening of the arteries. It effectively enhance the capacity of the pulsation of the heart, reduces the thrombosis and risk of coronary heart disease.

3rd, Winter swimming to fight cold, it consumes more energy. It is a clever way to lose weight.

4th, Winter swimming in cold water in deep breath, into more oxygen than usual, out a lot of carbon dioxide, it can enhance lung capacity and cardiopulmonary function.

5th, By winter swimming exercise, it can make people more confident.

6th, Skin care. People in swimming, water to skin, the sweat gland, fat gland scour, it play a very good massage effect and promote the blood circulation and make the skin smooth and elastic.