How To Choose Their Own Suits Swimwear

- Aug 05, 2016-

How to choose their own suits swimwear
Swimwear is not only worn to swimming, more and more people care about it level of fashion, it is the most important summer of "fashion", the designers also play more swimwear designs. Swimsuit special functionality in terms of fabric without too much controversy, certainly of waterproof material, and others do not, designers are playing tricks in the style and color.
When it comes to summer swimsuit sexy index, has always been a bikini top, this spring and summer, the Bikini was one swimsuit and took the limelight, even the transformers actress Megan Fox sexy on the top men's fashion magazine GQ, United Kingdom version of the cover of the June issue, are dressed in black jump suit. Paris catwalk stars is different and common one-piece swimsuits, Chanel Black Leather bathing suit full of punk atmosphere, Stella McCartney is the holiday atmosphere of the black and white palm tree design, Louis Vuitton deep v-belt route and movement, Jean Paul Gaultier used hollowed out waist design allows even the swim suit fun and wild.
Design of swimwear, on the sides of the waist position design, will be most beautiful woman sexy waist completely exposed, often sexy taste as much as the fabric is much more scarce, bikini. Hollow style has always been Barbie summer Favorites, NBA number one housewife Eva Longoria enjoyed some shooting in recent ads, also chose to cut style of swimwear and exit, let a person full of imagination. Black skeleton is this year's hit, many brands to develop the hollow form bundle design, trendy, Emporio Armani Spring/Summer 2009 swimwear, for example, heavy use of openwork design, coupled with bold and innovative cutting techniques, creating illusion effect.
Several consecutive quarter, zebra stripes, Leopard, Tiger, giraffe pattern and other popular animal pattern on the catwalk, triggering the animal trend, classic is almost par with stripes. This wave of animal blows on swimwear, after millions of men on anticipated 2009 Sports Illustrated swimsuit special, cover girl Bar bud Fali dressed in tiger skin patterned bikini, don't know how many captured people's attention.
Swimwear trends and fashion trends are converging, this year continue to be fashionable, bright fruit colors theme on the swimsuits painted bright colors, can not only make a depressed mood back up of cutting them up with unique, and highlights sexy body, which become the mainstream summer swimsuit trends. Candy colors and animal patterns play out equally hot new this year, has a strong visual impact.
Not only water when bathing suit, this spring and summer runways and a multitude of stylish actresses from functional clothing into fashion modeling swimwear, whether publicity tableaux, or normal access to dress, when not swimming, can taste anything different to swimwear to wear as well.
Buy swimsuits and body fit, water is enough as a skin-like close, attention when buying a chest agreement with the Cup, body twist Cup not shifting, shoulder strap elastic medium, if the finger into the shoulder strap too tight for a big first. Department of attention to the buckles, straps, ropes and other details of the strength, was embarrassed after the bulb off. Choose white, white body color revealing swimsuits in water, especially in sensitive parts.