Swimwear Production

- Aug 05, 2016-

Swimsuits, everyone more or less understood, but the process of bathing suit is not very clear, bathing suit is nylon and spandex woven into swimsuit fabrics, printing, smooth, colorful, and according to customer needs, printed in simple and elegant or lively or suitable for children and various patterns.
Sport swimsuit, wearing bathing suits to the game usually colors to a single style vest one-piece swimsuit one-piece dress, simple, crisp, no unnecessary decoration. In color, in solid colors and large colour matching is more at the market common are dark blue, black and white, and so on. Which is designed mainly in terms of features and fabric, fabric with high elastic Lycra spandex woven into polyester compounds, more tight-fitting, elastic than normal, coupled with the simplicity of style, can reduce drag while swimming, improving the speed of the game. Internationally famous sportswear brand, all professional competitive sport swimsuit launch swimwear clothing has a high quality and high price.