Winter Swimming Need To Pay Attention To The Following Items

- Dec 10, 2016-

Winter swimming need to pay attention to the following items:
1st, Fully Equipped:
In addition to the swimsuit, goggles, swimming caps and other equipment, people must bring the slippers to avoid foot catch cold; Take bath towel or towel cloth, in order to keep warm in the middle or after bath.
2nd, Adequate Preparation
Preparation before winter swimming is the key. Winter due to low temperatures, joints are relatively fragile. Before launching, people must take all the activities of the joints open. Proposed to do more vertical jump, pull the shoulder, arm and other stretching exercises, preparation activities in about 5-10 minutes, to feel the body slightly red, fever as well.
3rd, Pay attention to to safety.
Who suffer from infectious diseases or with open wounds, are unfavorable to swimming. Women's menstrual period should not be commonly swimming. When natural bathing beach swimming, it is much better to travel with a companion by, and pay attention to the place where water quality clean.
Pay attention to the water depth, flow rate
4th, Pay attention to keep warm
Put on bath towel in the middle of rest or from the water. Make hair dry immediately after bathing and wear good clothes. It is better to use hair dryer to dry hair. Suggest in a relatively simple, easy- to- wear off and warm clothes, in order to change clothes.